Friday, February 10, 2006

My Review of Airasia vs Malaysia Airlines

We're going to LANGKAWI next weekend for our anniversary this year.. and we're looking forward to soem relaxing time.. plan for munchkins to spend a whole day at a spa there while I doze off by the beach.. yes I love dozing off on the beach.. under cool shade of coconut tree and the sea breeze.. that would do me more good than any spa..

but first we have to deal with flight and accomidation and I would like to use this opportunity to review 2 airlines that could fly you there. The world famous MAS (Malaysian Airlines) and local favourite AirAsia. This review is from my experience booking, boarding and flying the 2 airlines in the last years..

Round 1. Flight Booking
Air asia definately know what they're doing with the online booking system via web. The website is both fast and secure but what is mroe important is that the system is very userfriendly. You select the departure location and your destination, dates and you'll be presented with available flights AND TICKET PRICE.

The budget traveler in me loves this as I can adjust my traveling schedule to best meet my budget. Payment can be made online with credit cards and also maybank2u directly from the website which is very good to those who don't use credit cards.

Let's look at Flight Booking at Malaysia Airlines.. They started the online booking last year. Same intuitive interface, select your departure and arrival airports, dates and you will be presented with available flights ONLY. There's no indication of the ticket price so I have no idea which flight would save me more money. BAD BAD BAD!

Winner : AirAsia

I have the uncanny impression that the ticket prices are all the same for any flights on Malaysian Airlilnes. Ok sure, I selected the flight that I wanted and then only I could get the ticket price on the next screen. Which brings us to second part of our review.

2. The Money
OK here is where the most important part of this review is. My return ticket to Langkawi for 2 person on AirAsia comes up to RM159.96. I was lucky enough to found a very good price for the tickets at RM9.99/person/way plus taxes. I wasn't very sure that this was the best deal I could get until I checked on the price on Malaysian Airlines webpage. The same return trip for 2 person at same time frame would cost me a whopping RM 892.00.

Winner : AirAsia

3. Services
Next would be another important factor to consider. The quality of service. The experience factor and I will base this review on the following experiences that I had.

1. Flight from Kota Bharu to Subang Airport
(before all domestic flights moved to KLIA)
2. Return flight KLIA - Kuching Airport
3. Return flight KLIA - Kota Bharu

1. I took the flight on Malaysia Airlines from KB airport to Subang airport returning from my grandparent funeral. Services byt the cabin crew was of expected by a world class airline. The flight took about 45 minutes and it was too short to have any much experience. The seating arrangement is fixed with the seat number clearly stated in your boarding pass. I opted for the aisle seat due to I was flying alone and it was almost dark. We were served an orange cordial which tasted like vitamin C tablet. Strangely enough, nothign much for me to remember except for the terbulance we had in mid air. Hehehe I guess I was nervous because it has been a while since I last flew on a plane then.

2. Last year me and munchkins booked us return ticket to kuching for our anniversary. The return ticket was RM235.96 (I have this figure from my Airasia past travel information). It was free seating so everyone sort of rushed to get the best seats on the plane. It felt like I'm boarding a mini-bus but we only have ourselves to blame for that. I was glad to see that pregnant women, children and the elderlies were let boarded first before the rest of the passangers.

On AirAsia flights, you buy your baverages from the flight attandance. The price is a little higher from ground price but you get to choose. No vitamin C tablet water for me. I opted for a canned drink for both me and mucnhkins. About 10 minutes later the flight attandance came around again collecting any rubbish you had after finishing your drinks/ snacks.

3. Last holiday my family decided to spend the week in Kelantan. We're going to take that 8 hours drive up there but I had concern that it would be too much for my aging mother. I booked return flight for her to Kota Bharu and have her brother pick her up there so that the travel would be a short and pleasant one for her.The ticket price was RM200 for return flight for 1 pers0n due to the festive season.

The departure in KLIA was at 7:30am and we arrived at the checkin counter at 6:45, just minutes before the counter closes. If you have been to KLIA, you know that the walking distance from the immigration counter to the boarding gate is quite far. A normal person would take about 15 minutes of walking just to get there. I had concern that my mother would not make that walk in time before the boarding gate closes. I seeked help.

AirAsia counter had assistance service where their staff would bring elderly or disabled passangers in wheelchairs to the boarding gate. It's not free but I guess not everybody needs this kind of assistance. So I gladly pays RM12 (official rate from airasia) for the staff. My mother made it to the boarding gate with time to spare. She was pleased that I arranged that for her.

Winner : AirAsia simply because I get to choose what to drink on AirAsia flight.

I would have to say that AirAsia is doing a better job at serving domestic customers. I have never been on Malaysia Airlines international fights but I heard so much good comments of them. My somewhat limited domestic flight experience so far shows that AirAsia is cheaper, and in par with Malaysia Airlines domestic services.

Malaysia Airlines need to improve on their online booking services. AirAsia wins by allowing users to plan the best flight to pick for their budget.

Allowing passangers to choose what snacks and drinks to have during flight is another good step by air asia. People appreciate that kind of freedom even if it would cost them few extra ringgits.

Looks like we're flying on AirAsia again this year and this time to Langkawi. I'll write up some more review hoperully of my great experience holidaying in langkawi.

Good day everyone!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

video awek bertudung..

great video... used to think lowly of bebudak mmu.. can't really blame me.. coz all the mmu students that I have as interns sucks.. all talk but cannot deliver... that was the last time we ever took in mmu students as interns ls..

btw awek tudung hitam yg smoking tuh cun giler siot... perghhhh
something about her so sexy to me..
something makes me wanna say.. "Strong woman, I'll break you yet!!"

Friday, January 20, 2006

video apek hisap ganja!

*** this post is in malay (mostly) due to the malay entertainment centric issue being discussed.

I don't usually buy harian metro.. who am I kidding, aku jarang ada urge nak beli paper.. most of the news I get is from the net... butt... hari nie aku jumpa harian metro kat post box rumah aku... must be some stalker dumped the paper bila dah nampak prey dia..

Anyway the front page tunjuk gambar apek senario besar sebagak bangaknya tgh isap paipon! peh serious.. batang betik lagi tuh... gamabr blow up pixel besar macam capture dari handphone.. tajuk dia... "saya hidap sisha, bukan ganja"....

yeah rite... rupa benda tu all too familiar.. all throughout college aku dok tgk benda tu.. aku tak penah sentuh benda tuh tapi benda tu so much around that I know how to cook it.. come on... sisha my ass.... looks like big phat BONGGGGGG to me...

masa aku kerja kat melawati lepas SPM dulu, opismate aku budak sessionist.. selalu dulu dia ikut ekamatra... buat concert, selalu masuk studio main untuk recording... nama dia zul.. serious pot head.. cerita aku kalau masuk studio tuh geng geng studio selalu dah siap satu bata mampat ganja... 1 fucking full kilo bata... jenis yg korang tgk pak polisi dok perade depan wartawan bila ada major ganja bust.. satu bata tuh studio sponsor... it's a norm.. the entertainment industry is like that.. craetivity is almost always fueled by altered state of mind... dadah is the nasik of entertainment industry..

Come on.. takkan korang buat buta macam pak polisi gaks.. si yassin tuh kena tangkap dadah, drag case setahun dua lepas tu case throw out of court. Si Salem Iklim tuh berapa kali dah keluar masuk pusat serenti... nkorang gi jalan kat chow kit.. boleh nampak macam macam.. bukan sorang dua orang nampak kat lorong chowkit.. penuh..

aku bosan dengan masalah nie.. aku bosan dadah di kaitkan dengan industri muzik.. puak puak artis nie dah ler dok sibuk tangkap gambar derang dok mengongkek.. pastu dok isap dadah... derang bukan tak tau derang tu role model pada budak budak muda...

pak polisi dengan pak gomen tak reti ker nak handle this problem.. the more korang berlembut dengan artis dadah, artis video kongkek, makin tu la bebudak melayu kita dok terikut ikut.. macam pak turut... come on! do something... bodoh!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Molesting grandmothers!

that's right.... That's what they did... I guess our grannies better start packing to their false teeth when they go out. This could start a whole new range of personal protection items such as

1. Mace / pepper Bombs
- coz grannies has arthritis and cannot aim their mace / pepper spray properly to the assailant's face.

2. Boomerang Dentures
- fashioned after the famous bat-arang but packs nasty odor in addition to the skin tearing biting action.

3. Grannies battle-ready armor
- with side pockets to provide for severe sagging :P

This message was brought to you by the good people of G.A.M
(Grannies Against Molesters)

Grandma robbed and molested by duo

TAMPIN: A grandmother was not only robbed but had her modesty outraged by two men who claimed to be her son's friends near her home in Kampung Air Rawa, Gemencheh, near here.

The 67-year-old woman was walking home after attending a wedding reception at 3.30pm on Sunday when two men approached and spoke to her.

She entertained them as they claimed to be her son's friends but suddenly one of them attacked her.

When she tried to fend him off, she was kicked three times, causing her to fall.

The men took her belongings including a gold bracelet worth about RM1,500 and fondled her breasts before fleeing on a motorcycle.

Her screams attracted other villagers who came to her aid and alerted the police.

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