Thursday, January 05, 2012

Koleksi 3GP Awek Melayu, Koleksi Video MMS Gadis Melayu

So today I went and rearranged and reorganized this blog.
Removed all personal old entries and leaving posts that are very very popular with your 3GP video and MMS video fans out there.

Here are what pages very popular on this blog that I've decided to keep.

3. (odd)

Have fun dear visitors!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

gadis melayu 3gp di sini

Wow, my blog shas been gatering dust for quite long long time and today is actually my first post after moving to facebook.

A quick look at analytics shows that my blog is quite popular in the search engine and seems a lot of people was magically sent here by mr Google after they typed in the keywords gadis melayu 3gp.


You guys amazes me... :) and even after mobile video platform moved to mp4 :)

Anyway there's a movie out on the same subject. I somehow would like to see it.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Umno hottie!

Ke editor ter-paste gambar awek myspace mana... Listed as Senator Datuk Norhayati Onn from Wanita Klang.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

sex sells - jual seks or sex boleh di jual

Interestingly, these are what my visitors looking for when they stumbled upon my blog!
And this is just today!

3gp melayu13
awek bertudung13
awek tudung12
nurfarahin jamsari6
gadis melayu 3gp5
melayu 3gp5
gadis melayu4
kes khalwat nurfarahin jamsari tv34
melayu video3

And here is last week's statistics...

Keywords Hits
gadis melayu video 105
kes khalwat nurfarahin jamsari tv3 94
nurfarahin jamsari 71
3gp melayu 60
pengacara tv3 khalwat 39
video mms melayu 34
awek tudung 33
bertudung 33
melayu 3gp 26
personaliti tv3 khalwat 24

ok fine...
if that's what you people wants..
here's some sex files for you...
as always, I take no responsability of how you use those files
and whatever end those files brings you....

Click to download.. link is secured against leeching...

Download 3gp player di

So did you like my collection of mms videos? :P

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

wow did I do that?

I wrote about my anger and disappointment in last few entries here and added it to Nuffnang innit blog aggregator yesterday. To my surpise the entry got very high "nang"s and right now tops the list at innit.

Not to say that I'm proud to be topping that list talking bad about Advertlets but the fact that the entry got a lot of "nang"s is really because a lot of people like me got affected and feels the same way.

Advertlets will have to conjure up miracles to regain bloggers and advertisers' trust in them. It would be an interesting story to follow up on in next few months.

** update 1

I received an email finally from Josh Lim as I'm sure everyone of you guys and gals did. I accept their apology and wish them the best of luck. We are small country and gaduh gaduh will not get us anywhere.

** update #2

A reader pointed out my grammar mistake. Past tense of cost is cost, not costed like in my entry title there.. alermarkk... sorryyyy... munchkins would be laughing when she reads this.. For sure I will kena coz munchkins is an english teacher...

*eddie writing "stupid advertlet screwup cost me money!" on blackboard 20 times* :(

Nuffnang Gliteratti launched

I must hand it to Nuffnang, they know how to do business and keep their customers loyalty. While Advertlets was "busy" apologising for their royal screwup last weekend, Nuffnang delivered the fatal blow to gain more adspace real-estate on Malaysia and Singaporean blogs. They delivered Nuffnang Gliteratti.

What is it? What's so special about Nuffnang Gliteratti? It's a special program launched to gain more participation and loyalty from the blogging community. It's an exclusive club for bloggers who serves Nuffnang's ads exclusively. Club benefits are really attractive, well atleast to me. More events and contests exclusively limited to Gliteratti members. Higher CPC ads than non exclusive members as well as faster cash payout among other things. Read here to know more about Nuffnang Gliteratti.

With the blogging community currently pissed off with Advertlets screwup last weekend., the only thing that Nuffnang members need to do to qualify into this exclusive club is to discard the advertlets codes they removed last weekend from their templates.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Advertlet, what a joke!

This morning, I found my blog as being redirected to a domain parking website. further investigation showed that the culprit was advertlet domain being redirected for domain expiry.
So off advertlet go from my template.

I mean I wouldn't trust a company that can't afford to keep track of their own domain expiry to keep track of how much I make from advertisement. No emails from advertlets to explain this matter what so ever even when the problem started from January 5th.

Amateurs.. I'll stick to nuffnang.
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