Tuesday, January 08, 2008

wow did I do that?

I wrote about my anger and disappointment in last few entries here and added it to Nuffnang innit blog aggregator yesterday. To my surpise the entry got very high "nang"s and right now tops the list at innit.

Not to say that I'm proud to be topping that list talking bad about Advertlets but the fact that the entry got a lot of "nang"s is really because a lot of people like me got affected and feels the same way.

Advertlets will have to conjure up miracles to regain bloggers and advertisers' trust in them. It would be an interesting story to follow up on in next few months.

** update 1

I received an email finally from Josh Lim as I'm sure everyone of you guys and gals did. I accept their apology and wish them the best of luck. We are small country and gaduh gaduh will not get us anywhere.

** update #2

A reader pointed out my grammar mistake. Past tense of cost is cost, not costed like in my entry title there.. alermarkk... sorryyyy... munchkins would be laughing when she reads this.. For sure I will kena coz munchkins is an english teacher...

*eddie writing "stupid advertlet screwup cost me money!" on blackboard 20 times* :(

Nuffnang Gliteratti launched

I must hand it to Nuffnang, they know how to do business and keep their customers loyalty. While Advertlets was "busy" apologising for their royal screwup last weekend, Nuffnang delivered the fatal blow to gain more adspace real-estate on Malaysia and Singaporean blogs. They delivered Nuffnang Gliteratti.

What is it? What's so special about Nuffnang Gliteratti? It's a special program launched to gain more participation and loyalty from the blogging community. It's an exclusive club for bloggers who serves Nuffnang's ads exclusively. Club benefits are really attractive, well atleast to me. More events and contests exclusively limited to Gliteratti members. Higher CPC ads than non exclusive members as well as faster cash payout among other things. Read here to know more about Nuffnang Gliteratti.

With the blogging community currently pissed off with Advertlets screwup last weekend., the only thing that Nuffnang members need to do to qualify into this exclusive club is to discard the advertlets codes they removed last weekend from their templates.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Advertlet, what a joke!

This morning, I found my blog as being redirected to a domain parking website. further investigation showed that the culprit was advertlet domain being redirected for domain expiry.
So off advertlet go from my template.

I mean I wouldn't trust a company that can't afford to keep track of their own domain expiry to keep track of how much I make from advertisement. No emails from advertlets to explain this matter what so ever even when the problem started from January 5th.

Amateurs.. I'll stick to nuffnang.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Major op to seize sex DVDs..

taken from thestar

Major op to seize sex DVDs

MUAR: Police in Batu Pahat and here will launch a massive operation to nab those involved in distribution and in possession of the sex DVDs of Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek.

Muar police chief Asst Comm Mohammad Nasir Ramli said the operation would include door-to-door searches of residents suspected to be in possession of the banned material.

He said it was an offence to possess and distribute copies of the DVDs and that offenders would be charged under Section 292 of the Penal Code, which carries a three-year jail term or fine or both.

“We are urging those in possession of the DVDs to surrender them to the police or risk being charged in court.

“We want residents here to be aware of the offence before we start making house visits,” he said yesterday.

ACP Mohammad Nasir said the DVDs were first distributed in the town in limited copies by certain parties but it is believed that some irresponsible people had made duplicates.

He said those found trading or selling the DVDs would be punished appropriately, and added that checks would be carried out at suspected shops and DVD outlets in the district.

Asked if police would be investigating into who was responsible for the DVD, he said it was up to the Inspector-General of Police.

Residents here who did not get free copies of the DVDs were looking for them at DVD outlets although none were seen to be on sale, and no one would admit to having them.

One person said he was willing to pay RM50 for the DVDs as it involved a Cabinet minister while others just wanted to satisfy their curiosity.

“I want to look at the woman who caused political trouble not only for Dr Chua, but also for MCA and the country,” said taxi driver Ahmad Hamid.

It's all over the internet now... I doubt doing a major seize for the DVDs would help.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Retro rock kapak bro sighted!

Saw this guy in komuter today. Thats 100% retro rock kapak look, siap dgn seluar fit kaki keding tampal dgn synthetic lether seat bas mini dgn kasut aliph siot!
Bro, 1980 called and want his kasut highcut back.:-P

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