Tuesday, January 08, 2008

wow did I do that?

I wrote about my anger and disappointment in last few entries here and added it to Nuffnang innit blog aggregator yesterday. To my surpise the entry got very high "nang"s and right now tops the list at innit.

Not to say that I'm proud to be topping that list talking bad about Advertlets but the fact that the entry got a lot of "nang"s is really because a lot of people like me got affected and feels the same way.

Advertlets will have to conjure up miracles to regain bloggers and advertisers' trust in them. It would be an interesting story to follow up on in next few months.

** update 1

I received an email finally from Josh Lim as I'm sure everyone of you guys and gals did. I accept their apology and wish them the best of luck. We are small country and gaduh gaduh will not get us anywhere.

** update #2

A reader pointed out my grammar mistake. Past tense of cost is cost, not costed like in my entry title there.. alermarkk... sorryyyy... munchkins would be laughing when she reads this.. For sure I will kena coz munchkins is an english teacher...

*eddie writing "stupid advertlet screwup cost me money!" on blackboard 20 times* :(
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