Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Nuffnang Gliteratti launched

I must hand it to Nuffnang, they know how to do business and keep their customers loyalty. While Advertlets was "busy" apologising for their royal screwup last weekend, Nuffnang delivered the fatal blow to gain more adspace real-estate on Malaysia and Singaporean blogs. They delivered Nuffnang Gliteratti.

What is it? What's so special about Nuffnang Gliteratti? It's a special program launched to gain more participation and loyalty from the blogging community. It's an exclusive club for bloggers who serves Nuffnang's ads exclusively. Club benefits are really attractive, well atleast to me. More events and contests exclusively limited to Gliteratti members. Higher CPC ads than non exclusive members as well as faster cash payout among other things. Read here to know more about Nuffnang Gliteratti.

With the blogging community currently pissed off with Advertlets screwup last weekend., the only thing that Nuffnang members need to do to qualify into this exclusive club is to discard the advertlets codes they removed last weekend from their templates.
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