Tuesday, December 20, 2005

video mms 3gp gadis melayu

I found this link while erm researching for erm mms setting.. you didn't get it from me..
and I am not responsible for your action and behavior on the net...

link is : koleksi video mms gadis melayu dan indo

Don't worry, malaysian are not the only ones abusing their camera phones to take raunchy pictures and videos.. read below..

Delhi students in porn video!
By Megha Suri
Saturday, 27 November , 2004, 03:04

New Delhi: The infamous pornographic video involving two Delhi students was shot to gain 'popularity' among peers and 'have some fun'. Or so the popular perception seems to be among youngsters, most of whom seem to have access to it. If gossipmongers are to be believed, a CD of the film is even available at Palika Bazaar for Rs 40.

Two delinquent students of a South West Delhi-based public school were expelled for filming a pornographic video using a personal mobile phone and circulating it in the school via Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS). Everyone, the media included, have been pointing fingers at the school. But how far can the institution be held responsible for what the students have done?

Reportedly, the incident occured about a month ago when a girl and a boy, both students of Class 11, got together and filmed themselves in a compromising position. Their subsequent claim to fame is all of 2.37 mins.

The film was then circulated among fellow batchmates in the school through MMS for fun. Fellow students claim the girl wanted to be 'cool' and gain some instant popularity. Unfortunately for them, the film reached the Principal who expelled the two.

It is being said that on being questioned by the Principal, both students did not appear to be ashamed of what they had done. In fact, the girl even reportedly retorted, "Who doesn't do it? Haven't you done it?" The boy is equally nonchalant about what he had done, according to his peers.

Use of cell phones, which was allowed in the school was banned with immediate effect after the incident came to light. If anyone is spotted carrying a cell phone, a fine of Rs 2,000 would be charged and, needless to say, the cell phone confiscated. About 85 per cent of all Class XI and XII students of the school used to carry cellphones to class earlier.

Both students were in the Commerce stream. Reportedly, the girl was a merit-lister - she was part of the Class XI `super ability section' where only above 90 percent scorers find their way. She is the daughter of a senior Armyman. The boy hails from a stinking rich business family. The camera phone used to shoot the video belonged to him.

And if youngsters' reports are to be believed, the 'fun video' has also found its way into schools and colleges in Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana. The CD, christened `DPS Dhamaka' is also supposedly available at Palika Bazaar for a meagre Rs 40. It has been posted on the school's unofficial websites as well, youngsters reveal.

The video doesn't seem to have been shot inside the school, though the girl is clearly wearing her school uniform. Even other students who have seen it, believe it was shot outside somewhere. At best, this can be seen as a case of adolescent temptations unleashed. The incident invites a relook at the upbringing we are providing to our children at home and at school.

Camera phone are not the reason why this is happening. People have been doign what they do for a long time.. I remembered that I saw some old days porn on the net some time ago. They were in fishnet and cowboy hats and farm and hmm maybe I should not dwell into that any further.. hehehe..

What I'm saying is that I don't think camera phone makes people wanna take videos of then copulating.. nor do camera phones are more accessible than your point and click cameras.. people are people.. if you leave them with nothing but pen and paper also things like this can happen.

So did you like my collection of mms videos? :P


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