Thursday, April 10, 2008

sex sells - jual seks or sex boleh di jual

Interestingly, these are what my visitors looking for when they stumbled upon my blog!
And this is just today!

3gp melayu13
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And here is last week's statistics...

Keywords Hits
gadis melayu video 105
kes khalwat nurfarahin jamsari tv3 94
nurfarahin jamsari 71
3gp melayu 60
pengacara tv3 khalwat 39
video mms melayu 34
awek tudung 33
bertudung 33
melayu 3gp 26
personaliti tv3 khalwat 24

ok fine...
if that's what you people wants..
here's some sex files for you...
as always, I take no responsability of how you use those files
and whatever end those files brings you....

Click to download.. link is secured against leeching...

Download 3gp player di

So did you like my collection of mms videos? :P
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