Tuesday, November 22, 2005

zouk abuse

interesting read..

I'm not even sure where zouk is but I think I've drove by the place once when I got lost (yes, I do get lost sometimes) around jln ampang/ klcc area..

But to me really, what do you expect from thugs hired by clubs as bouncers. They are thugs hired for their agressiveness and their lack of thinking ability.

What? you expect club management to conduct IQ - EQ tests when hiring bouncers? A security company manager once told me that how he interviews bodyguards-to-be's was to ask 2 candidates beat up each other. The one with less black and blue gets the job. You depends on their brutality and sadly but surely brutality does not come with much inteligence.

I feel sorry for the couple that was beaten up in zouk for nothing.. I hope they get their justice served and those people responsible brought to court. Bouncers or not, nobody should be beaten up and the thug getting away with it just because they are hired hands..

For the record, I'm not into clubbing, last club I went to was Hard Rock Cafe for dinner, we quickly left before it turn into a discotheque for the rest of the night.

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