Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Molesting grandmothers!

that's right.... That's what they did... I guess our grannies better start packing to their false teeth when they go out. This could start a whole new range of personal protection items such as

1. Mace / pepper Bombs
- coz grannies has arthritis and cannot aim their mace / pepper spray properly to the assailant's face.

2. Boomerang Dentures
- fashioned after the famous bat-arang but packs nasty odor in addition to the skin tearing biting action.

3. Grannies battle-ready armor
- with side pockets to provide for severe sagging :P

This message was brought to you by the good people of G.A.M
(Grannies Against Molesters)

Grandma robbed and molested by duo

TAMPIN: A grandmother was not only robbed but had her modesty outraged by two men who claimed to be her son's friends near her home in Kampung Air Rawa, Gemencheh, near here.

The 67-year-old woman was walking home after attending a wedding reception at 3.30pm on Sunday when two men approached and spoke to her.

She entertained them as they claimed to be her son's friends but suddenly one of them attacked her.

When she tried to fend him off, she was kicked three times, causing her to fall.

The men took her belongings including a gold bracelet worth about RM1,500 and fondled her breasts before fleeing on a motorcycle.

Her screams attracted other villagers who came to her aid and alerted the police.

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