Tuesday, October 18, 2005

lagu raya

my cube mate is playing some lagu raya on his clie pda docking-speaker station. Raya mood is sinking in slowly but surely. I guess that's what makes me filled with emotions these few days. Missing my dad, feeling sad that I won't be preparing rendang with my mom on raya night this year.

Marriage is all about sharing, about being fair. I am grateful to munchkins because she was more than happy to be with me and celebrated raya in KL last year. It was her first time away from her family on raya night/ morning. I can only imagine how she must have been missign her family last year on raya night and morning.

This year will be my turn to spend raya with my inlaws, away from my family. I guess we better get used to it, taking turns spending raya with our parents.I look forward to many many more blissful years to spend with my munchkins, insyaAllah.

For some lagu raya, head on to my friend's blog.

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