Wednesday, February 16, 2005

2 more days

I'm picking up this guy after work today at midvalley.. excited with my new toy but my mind is already in kuching.. yes we're going to kuching as planned and we're both very excited. Before going on trips I like to do a little check list of things for the trip.

1. Air tickets - to claim at air asia counter before flight
2. Kuching lodging - reservation at Kuching holiday inn
3. Bako National Park lodging - reservation at bako park chalet
3. Backpack - bought deuter quantum 70 + 10 litre backpack
4. First aid kit - panadol, anticeptic, iodine, bandage, pill chi kit teck aun, tigerbalm, lighter, (will I be needing oral salt?)
5. Travel Shoes - new traveling shoes for both me and munchkins
6. Trekking Shoes - old & new shoes.
7. Camera - borrowed tia's new nikon digital cam with 256mb SD, good for 200 pics
8. Fishing - fishing line, small tackle box, pocket multi tool
9. Raincoats - 1 each for both me and munchkins
10. List of things to do, places to go and when to do and go over the vacation
11. Map of kuching town & trekking trail at bako national park

Anything else I left out? hmm maybe I should go through it one more time...
1. Air tickets - to claim at air asia counter before flight
2. Kuching lodgi...

hehe I better stop before I make all of you menyampah :P

*** added 1:38pm after gongkapas times disappeared
Dina Zaman's Gong Kapas Times has disappeared. An early visit to the site this morning found the last entry was a one line post from dina. "Goodbye", that;s all that she wrote and my visit at 1:35pm just now was redirected to blogspot invalid url page.

Sad really, coz I find her rantings amusing, entertaining. A big loss to malaysian blogging scene. Hmm I wonder if Sunshine Raz has a blog out there.


irizanz said...

i think you should start wearing ur new travel shoes now to get used to them. takut kaki melecet ;)

fbi said...

i noticed the same thing too, yesterday! arrgghh!!! there goes my morning newspaper :(

wanf said...

Have a nice trip eddie n bring back pics for us to see :D

Alamak.. baru nak hook on Dina's blog .. sigh*

eddie said...

sam : dah pakai for a month dah.. :P

fbi & wanf: tu aa.. ishk.. I guess her blog dah terbocor to her family.. and they forced her to shut it down.. sad.. maybe kot.. off to rentak kini? but mahal aa.. maybe we can share cost nak baca :P

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